Specialized Sessions & Rates

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Self- Love or Self- Care

$800/ 4 sessions

Self- Love is one of the clients' favorite packages. The sessions are based on your well-being, the need to indulge in yourself, and strategies I have developed over my many years as a Coach. Get in touch for more information and to book your spot in the program today.

Package Includes:

Self-Love:  1.) Gracefully Broken- Identifying Your Worth  2.) See Yourself From Their Eyes- Letting Go of Negativity  3.) I Deserved To Be Loved By Me  4.) Stand Strong In Your Love


Self-Care:  1.) Lack of Self Appreciation  2.) Taking Back My Power  3.) Breathing Life In Me  4.) The Peace In Me: Me-Time + Relaxation= Self Care

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Gracefully Broken

$800/ 4 sessions

Gracefully Broken with Breakthrough To You is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each individual that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. 

Package Includes:

1.) You Are Not Your Past  2.) Letting Go- Value Yourself  3.) Building Resilience- Do Something New  4.) Maintain Positive Relationships and Purpose

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Embracing Singleness

$800/ 4 sessions

Embracing Singleness gives my clients the valuable guidance and support they need to be comfortable in their single stage. Knowing who you are at this moment is imperative before going into a relationship. These sessions are great for everyone that struggles with being alone. Schedule a session today and achieve next-level results.

Package Includes:

1.) Solo and Loving It  2.) Breaking Cycles  3.) Are You Who You Are Looking For?  4.) My Mind Is Made Up


Specialized Sessions & Rates

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$800/ 4 sessions

My 1:1 co-parenting sessions are successful and much sought out.  It's one of the most appreciated coaching packages I provide. My co-parenting sessions are based on the communication, growth, maturity, and strategies developed over my many years as a Blended Family and a Relationship Coach. To provide a positive and healthy relationship that focuses solely on the child, book your spot in the program today.

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Dating/ Relationship/ Marriage

$1,210/ 6 sessions Individual
$2,440/ 6 sessions Couple

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often at times one of the keys to a happier and healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling relationship. After several sessions, you will become well-versed in making "Your Relationship" a priority. The Relationship/Marriage with The Breakthrough To You is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each couple that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. That's why I make my Relationship/Marriage package as flexible as possible. Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Combination of Two Categories (3 sessions each)

$1,210/ 6 sessions

At Breakthrough To You, I give clients the valuable guidance and support, they need at rates they are comfortable with paying. This combination of two categories includes two areas that provide three sessions for each. Example: Self- Love and Dating, the client will get three sessions to focus on Self-Love and three sessions to focus on Dating. The combination helps clients focus on a particular area and progress to the next stage in their life. Schedule a session today and achieve next-level results.


Embrace the Future with Breakthrough To You

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